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Getting Summer Ready at These Papillion Apartments!

Memorial Day weekend is nearly here and we are in summer mode! Shadow Lake Square Apartments and all other Robert Hancock & Co. properties will have their offices closed on Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, June 1st, so if you are looking for information about joining our community, email us at, and we will catch up with you then!

Summer Leasing: this is our busiest season! We have limited options available, so we recommend starting your leasing journey ASAP! Send us a quick email with the size apartment you are looking for, when you are looking to move, how many occupants will be moving in, and if you are bringing any pets along and we will send you availability that best fits what you are looking for. We have tons of online content that can really help streamline your leasing process.

Resident news:

Pool Opening- since this Memorial Day weekend forecast is looking a little too chilly to enjoy the pool, we will be delaying our pool opening to Friday, June 4th. Residents, please keep your eyes peeled for important pool information in your email and delivered to your door!

Grill reminder- we only allow electric grills/smokers (no open flame) on our balconies/patios. No propane/gas/charcoal/woodfire grills are allowed. Our grills in the grilling plaza are available for resident use!

Hope to enjoy a safe and fun summer season with our community!

Availability Alert! Hurry in for our last apartment!

We only have one apartment left for the next two months at the very earliest! It is a gorgeous 1 bedroom + loft apartment that is waiting for it’s new resident(s). Look below to see more info on this apartment:

605: 1240 sq. ft. and $960/mo. Includes a fireplace, balcony, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator and stove/range. Available now through early June.

If you or someone you know is looking for a one bedroom with a little more space (possibly for another entertainment area, office, etc.), contact us! We would sure love to give you the inside scoop on a wonderful apartment. Don’t delay! Below we have included pictures for more on the space, but can absolutely set you up with a self-guided or virtual/video tour as well.

Cedar Heights looks forward to your inquiries!

Severe Weather Preparedness for Apartments

Spring is here, and with it comes the severe weather of the Midwest. Many of us know the drill: go to your basement, keep your radio on, and wait until the storm passes. This is easier for those of us who live in houses, but if you live in an apartment you may be wondering where the safest place to go is.

The number one rule is to always head down. Go to the lowest level of your building, such as the first floor. If you live in a complex with an underground parking garage, take shelter there. If you find yourself caught up in a tornado on a higher floor, the best place to be is in a room with no windows. Examples of this would be a closet or bathroom. If you take shelter in your bathroom, be sure to get in the bathtub or shower and cover yourself with blankets, pillows, or (if possible) a mattress. This will protect you from falling debris.

Make sure you pay attention to the weather. Knowing the signs can be crucial to protecting yourself and preparing for severe storms. Some signs of a potential tornado include:

  • Cloud base rotation
  • Blue or green color to the sky
  • Rain/hail, followed by intense shifts in wind
  • Roaring or rumbling- but don’t mistake it for thunder. Thunder fades in and out, while tornado rumbling will stay persistent.

If you do live in an apartment, it is especially important for you and your family to have a plan in case of a tornado. Find the fastest route to safety and practice getting to it. It is also a good idea to have an emergency bag to bring with you. You may want to include a First Aid kit, a battery operated radio, non-perishable food, water, blankets and extra clothes.

Although we may not want to think about severe weather, it is important to prepare for it. It is vital for those who live in apartments, since it may take extra time to get to the safest place. We cannot predict exactly when and where a tornado will strike, but having a plan in place can help make you and your family that much safer.


Two Bedrooms Disappearing Quickly at This Papillion Apartment Community!

We are in summer busy mode and two bedroom apartments have definitely been our most in demand floor plan! Currently (5/13), our next available option isn’t ready until June 25th. This is a top floor, Sherman II floor plan. So far, we are just seeing one new opening for two bedrooms in July and one in August, so if a two bedroom home is what you are looking for, reach out to us soon!

If you are looking for something a little smaller, we do have just one studio that will be ready as early as June 11th and some one bedroom options coming available June 18th-25th.

Get a jump start on your leasing journey by sending an email to that includes what size apartment you are looking for, when you are looking to move, how many people will be moving to the apartment, and if any pets are joining. Once we get your email, we will send over current availability, property information, application requirements, and self-guided tour scheduling instructions.

With fewer options ready and available to tour, we highly recommend checking out our YouTube channel to get a feel for what we have to offer:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit!

The more time we all spend at home, the more time we spend looking at all the extra stuff we have accumulated over the years. Many of your Robert Hancock & Co. properties have storage units available for all those things you don’t want to look at but aren’t ready to get rid of. Things like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, extra furniture, and even electronics, can add to the everyday clutter that gets on our nerves. A storage unit can provide that little bit of extra space.

Now, just because all these items can FIT in a storage unit, that doesn’t mean they will be easy to find. To maximize the use of your storage unit, follow these simple tips!

  • Write it out:
    • Keeping a list of everything that you bring into a storage unit will save you time looking in the wrong place! A list will help you keep track of what you have in a storage unit at any time, which saves you time digging around.
  • Picture this:
    • Keep a picture or diagram of where things are within the storage unit to keep everything organized and easily accessible. A picture of sections of your storage unit can be kept on your phone so that you can see where the item is before you even start looking!
  • Safety first:
    • Place large, heavy, or bulky items closer to the ground for safety. Heavier items toward the top of a pile have a tendency to fall or damage the items below.
  • Think CLEAR-ly:
    • Investing in clear plastic storage bins so that you can see everything before you start stacking gives you a better chance at finding anything you’re looking for. One alternative would be large labels that you can briefly summarize what each box contains.
  • Organization is key:
    • Having an organized storage unit not only looks better, but it saves you the hassle of digging around looking for things. Organizing things by holiday, color, size, or function, can really come in handy when you’re looking for something specific. The items that you are going to use the most should always be the most accessible, so they should be stored near the front of the storage unit.

If you have one, or are thinking about getting one, these tips and tricks should help you get the most out of your storage unit!

Tips for Clean and Safe Halls and Balconies

Living in an apartment means that you have to LIVE in the apartment: bring your items in and make the space a home. Often times, this carries over to an attempt to fill other spaces, such as you balcony or patio, and even sometimes your entry door or hallways. We have seen a lot of ways people have made their apartments a home here, and while we absolutely love the personalization and care that everyone puts into it, there are some points in which we have to ask them to hit the brakes. There are rules that allow us to keep the shared spaces clean, safe of clutter, or have other reasons why we enforce them. In an order to re-express these rules, and to enlighten non-residents of possible policies you may have living at other apartments (including Robert Hancock and Co. communities), we decided we would state some many rules for what can and can’t be done on a balcony or shared space.

  • No personal items can be stored in the hallways of our buildings (this is a common policy at almost all communities). This is to avoid any fire or tripping hazards when resident leave and enter the building, and avoids making those spaces look cluttered. You can, however, have a door mat or door decor.
  • While we do have cleaners that clean the common areas of the buildings once a week, that does not mean that trash and debris should be ignored. If you track in dirt, drop garbage, or something of the like, please deal with it the same way that you would in the apartment.
  • Balconies/patios are for patio furniture and plants only. Please make sure that these items are properly tethered down. No trash, bikes or other items are permitted to be stored on balconies.
  • Electric grills are permitted to be stored in the community or on a balcony with complete supervision while in use. Gas and charcoal grills are strictly prohibited (that is a common law at least in the state of Nebraska), and can’t be stored or used anywhere in the community, as they are a dangerous fire risk.
  • No flags/signs can be put up on the balconies/patios/windows of your apartment. All flags will be asked to be removed, as there is no way to avoid having signage or flags that are inappropriate in nature if we allow them in anyway.

These are simple rules and do not give information on the complete guidelines we have, or any other community has. If you ever have questions about what can or can’t be done with a shared space or a balcony/patio, please make sure to contact your property manager or consult your lease/community policies guidelines.

Spring Cleaning at These Papillion Apartments!

The Great Shadow Lake Spring Clean Out!


On Friday, May 7th, New Life Thrift will be doing a pickup of gently used items at 1:00pm. We will be gathering resident donations starting Monday, May 3rd up until the pickup time on Friday, May 7th. We hope residents enjoy this jumpstart to their spring cleaning!


Here’s all the details!

We will have a drop-off station setup in the Resident Commons (11840 S. 73rd Ct.) starting Monday, May 3rd, so residents can leave boxed or bagged items there at their convenience. Make sure you follow posted directions for where to leave the items in that area.

Everything must be boxed or bagged securely!

Items to donate: gently used clothing, shoes, books, and home goods.

Not allowed: pool tables, tube televisions, large entertainment centers, sofa sleepers

If you have furniture or any similarly large items, they will need to be taken directly to our office and you will need to make a drop off appointment with the office staff.

 Donations to New Life Thrift help benefit the Hope Center for Kids in their mission to improve the lives of youth in the Omaha area!

Happy spring cleaning!

Contact the office with any questions:


The Aksarben Village Farmers Market Is Back!

The South Park Post

The Aksarben Village Farmers Market Is Back!

April 27, 2021


Spring is officially here! The Omaha Farmers Market is back begging this Sunday at Baxter Arena. The market is open from 9am to 1pm. Please note that the time between 9-10am is intended for seniors, people with underlying health conditions and expectant mothers according to their website.

The market will feature produce, herbs, pre-packaged foods, prepared foods and crafts. For more information on vendors, maps and other information, you can visit their website here:

As you get all of your delicious food from the Farmers Market and are looking for a place to grill, please make sure to take advantage of the grills out in the courtyard! The weather is great, the courtyard is green, and we’d love to have you out to take advantage of some of this wonderful weather!

Finally, as South Park continues to remain fully leased up, it’s very important that if you are looking or know someone who is going to be looking to move this summer or this fall, you have them apply for the wait list right away!

For questions on the wait list or anything else, please call or email the South Park Leasing Office at 402-558-5886 or


The Benefits of Renewing at Cedar Heights

Living at Cedar Heights is great! The apartments are cute and spacious, the maintenance staff is timely, helpful and friendly, and the community is upkept in a way that we can all be proud of. With that said, we know that everyone’s lease will come to an end eventually, and residents will need to make the decision to renew with us or give notice to move to another location. While we understand that it is unavoidable and that some residents may have no other choice than to move (moving to be closer to work, buying a house or important life changes that may move you somewhere else being a few), we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the perks of renewing a lease with us! Especially with Summer coming up and a lot of movement typically taking place around that time, here are several reasons to stay with us, which include:

  • We offer flexible renewal terms, including a standard 12 month renewal option, or something more short term, such as a 6-11 month option. We even offer residents the ability to go month-to-month in their apartment. Typically if this option is afforded to residents at other communities, there is a $100-$200 month-to-month fee that is added onto your rent each month, but we only ask for an additional 5% month-to-month cost to be added onto your renewal rate!
  • With residents that renew for a full 12 month term and renew early enough (residents will have to refer to the 90 day renewal letter we send them ahead of their lease’s expiration for this date), they can be eligible for a renewal bonus, such as a free carpet cleaning, bathroom or kitchen cleaning, an upgrade to something in their apartment, such as light fixtures/faucet heads/etc., or a free rental of our clubhouse! Many residents here utilize these bonuses yearly to keep their apartment in tip-top shape, and all they had to do is sign a 12 month renewal lease with us!
  • Renewing with us gives you the peace of mind of avoiding a costly and often lengthy moving process. There are no costs for movers/boxes or need for extra cleaning to be done when you stick around! Plus, residents can utilize shorter renewal terms to help themselves plan a move, and if the move goes sideways, can always decide to renew for a longer term! Why start a move in the dead of summer/winter when you can utilize our renewal flexibility to your advantage?
  • If you do have issues or concerns in your apartment, it may be useful to use your renewal as an efficient way to voice those concerns. Of course, we always encourage an open dialogue with our residents and welcome all criticisms, even prior to renewal, but if there is something that needs done or a need that has not been met in the apartment during your time with us, let us know! We want to keep you around as a resident with us for as long as you are willing to have us, and will work towards making Cedar Heights a comfortable space to live.
  • In a final nod to flexibility, we do allow for lease takeovers or swaps of roommates ahead of renewals! Any new residents will need to be approved through our application process, but the rest of the process is pretty straight forward! If a resident wants to make a change to their roommates, or if they want someone new to take over their lease, all they have to do is call our office to get more information on how that process will work.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable community where resident’s needs are being met, with an emphasis on keeping the grounds and buildings as beautiful and maintained as possible. We hope that with anyone’s lease coming to an end, they inquire with our office on ways in which they can stay put! We want to make Cedar Heights a long term home, and that all starts with renewing!

Highclere Summer Waitlist is Filling Up!

A lot of people are looking to move a couple months down the road and are not sure when to start the search process. The earlier you get the ball rolling to find your future home, the easier the moving process will be! After touring our property, apply for the wait list to have seniority on apartments coming available within your time frame. The wait list gives you first dibs on any apartments coming available that fit your criteria within a 6 month time frame. This will open up your options and let us find your perfect apartment ahead of time in order to avoid last minute decision making, time crunching, and stress. All of our Robert Hancock & Company Properties offer wait list options upon availability. Currently, Highclere Apartments does not know what we will have for their mid-summer time frame, but we are taking wait list applications! Our two bedroom waitlist is currently starting to fill up, so skip the stress and plan ahead!

For our wait list application process, we look at four areas:

  • Background check
  • Credit Check
  • Rental History
  • Income Qualification

You would either have to have six months of positive credit or six months of rental history, but we do check both! We also require that everyone in the household combined make 3x the amount of the rent (before taxes are taken out). We require that everyone over the age of 18 be listed as a lease holder, be able to commit to a 12 month lease and have a SSN.

Contact our office at 712-256-1000 with further questions and we will be happy to help!