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Four Seasons Apartments is ready for Grilling Season!!

Grilling tips and policies:
The warm weather is finally here to stay and what better way to celebrate the warm weather then spending some time outside on our gorgeous grounds and grilling! Our property offers multiple community charcoal grills located throughout the property. We do not allow any charcoal, gas or wood pellet grills near the buildings or on the balconies.
Here are some tips on using our community grills safely:
• Be sure to clean and inspect the grill before cooking. Remove any leftover ash and clean your grate to ensure a proper cooking area.
• Stack the charcoal in a manner to ensure proper heat displacement across the surface.
• Do not overload your charcoal with lighter fluid this will can cause an uncontrolled flare up. 1 overall spray to soak the coals in and 1 small spray for ignition works best.
• Always have a bucket of water/ fire extinguisher just in case a problem arises.
When working with an open flame safety is important but don’t let that deter you from the rewards of cooking with charcoal. Here are some tips on cooking with charcoal to ensure optimum flavor out of the food you cook
• Be sure to have your meats and veggies defrosted or primarily room temperature before adding to the grill. This ensures even cooking
• Work in some aromatics, like Rosemary, Thyme or Basil wrapped in foil and butter and placed on the coals to steep. Adding flavors to your courses
• Basting and proper seasoning will keep your food moist and have a flavorful taste.
• Try to be patient and not overwork your food on the grill. This will keep your food being undercooked inside and charred on the outside.

We’re Talking Spring Cleaning Here at Four Seasons Apartments!!

Spring Cleaning!!

The dreaded two words to most people: “spring cleaning”. To most this is a task that gets pushed to the back of the to-do list and never happens, to others it’s a time to air out your home and get ready for the warm months to come. The hardest part can be finding a place to start! With these 5 tips you can make your home summer ready with minimal stress and work!

1.)Put the elbow grease into deep cleaning your kitchen and bathroom(s). These places get used a lot and can collect a lot of dirt and grime! Also don’t forget about your windows and doors (including the sliding tracks on your patio doors)!

2.)Clean under furniture and appliances. Invest in some handy furniture sliding pads or grab a friend and move furniture to deep clean underneath. This provides a great opportunity to rearrange your furniture for a fresh look and to also deep clean carpets and rugs. You can easily rent out a carpet cleaner from local hardware or grocery stores to help maintain the life and look of your carpet.

3.)Clean your window treatments and sheets by taking them to a drycleaner or wash them at home on gentle (or swap them out for something new!)

4.)Get organized! Take the time to go through old things and toss or donate what you don’t need or use anymore.

5.)To expand on #4 make sure to focus on your closet. Over the years clothes continue to add up. Set a day aside and go through each item and use the 6 month rule: ask yourself if you have worn it in the last 6 months? If you haven’t toss it! Invest in some storage containers to store away your winter clothing when the time comes.

Most importantly, while spring cleaning be sure to take breaks and do it over a couple days, otherwise you will quickly get overwhelmed.

Online Payment Option!

It is 2019, so why would you be paying your rent with a check? Thankfully, all Robert Hancock & Co. residents have access to our online payment portal, RentCafe, and can simplify their lives with online payments–one-time or monthly recurring.

Here are some common misconceptions regarding online payments:

MYTH: There is a $25 convenience fee for making an online payment.
FACT: The $25 convenience fee only applies to payments made with a credit card. Payments made using your bank information (routing/account number info that can be found on a check) do not incur any additional fees.

MYTH: Online payments cannot be made after the 1st.
FACT: Payments made with credit card need to be made prior to 7:00pm on the 1st in order to be considered on-time. Payments made using bank information can be made up to the 5th with no penalty.

MYTH: You need to select an end date for monthly auto-payments.
FACT: You are welcome to leave the end date blank for your auto payments, so they can continue throughout your lease period. The system will not notify you or management once you have reached your end date, which puts you at risk for a $50 late fee. If you do choose an end date, find a way to remind yourself of the end date, so you can ensure payment is made.

We highly encourage all residents to set up an account with RentCafe, so they are able to track their charges and payments. Many residents are utilizing this system to take the hassle out of rent payments and we hope to get more residents set up with this convenient system this year!

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding online payments or if you would like to have an email invite sent to you!

Valentine’s Day in Omaha!

When you are new to a city like Omaha on Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult when planning what to do on the most romantic night of the year. It is sometimes tough to tell which restaurants are best or most romantic, and figuring out what to do afterward can feel impossible! But do not give up and spend the evening on the sofa! Your Omaha moving and storage service specialists know plenty of things to do for you and your sweetheart! Whether you are looking for somewhere to dine out, or for something fun to do, we have you covered!

Where to Dine?

Omaha is famous for its steaks, so if you are new in town, it only makes senses to take your Valentine to one of the city’s many steakhouses. Gorat’s serves up delicious T-bone steaks and filet mignon, and it always has a special Valentine’s Day menu. Its seafood menu, which includes lobster tails and jumbo butterfly shrimp, are particularly delicious. 801 Chophouse at Paxton is a local favorite, and it is often referred to as the best steakhouse in Omaha. The Drover is another great place to have a steak with your sweetheart, and they have a wonderful wine list as well.

If you are not looking to dine at a steakhouse, Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha’s botanical garden center, also offers an elegant meal in a romantic and unique garden setting. Other popular restaurants that have Valentine’s Day specials, include: Heritage Food and Wine, located downtown on South 15th Street. The family-style restaurant serves surf and turf, and has an expansive wine list. Simply Delicious, located on North Spruce Street in downtown Valley, serves up filets, jumbo shrimp, lamb, and other delicious dishes on Valentine’s Day.

What to Do?

You may want to do something romantic after dinner, and there is plenty to do for Valentine’s Day in Omaha. The Joslyn Art Museum hosts an event each Valentine’s Day. The museum is the largest in Nebraska, and it began providing free access to the public in 2013. On Valentine’s Day, it hosts a romantic exhibition that celebrates a selection of influential artists. The event requires reservations, and you can decide if you would like to have dinner or just drinks. Either way, it is a wonderful way to spend the evening with your sweetheart.

The Omaha Zoo also hosts a special Valentine’s Day night each year. While it is held at the zoo, this is an adults-only event, so make sure to get a babysitter! The evening includes: champagne, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and a bar. There will also be some kind of animal show. Past shows have included animal mating and courtship in the wild.
Moving to Omaha during Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get out and explore the city with your loved one. There are first-class dining experiences available throughout town, and if you are looking for something entertaining afterward, the city has you covered! Valentine’s Day in Omaha can be as fun as it is romantic!

Omaha L385 Steak Fry Schedule for 2020

Have you ever been to a Steak Fry at the Omaha Fire Union Hall?

If your answer is “NO”, then you are truly missing out on a great lunch and the opportunity to participate for a great cause. This year they are even offering a NEW reduced rate for 2020. The new price is $12 per plate.

For those that haven’t been you’ll get a steak, bread provided by Orsi’s, Salad, Green Beans, Onions and Mushrooms, and a Baked Potato! All that for $12 dollars!!

MDA has been the IAFF’s charity of choice for 66 years. Just last year Omaha Fire Local 385 reported raising over $87,000.00 for MDA.

You might ask where does the money go?
– 8 drugs approved for Muscular Dystrophy treatments in the past 4 years.
-50 plus children were able to go to MDA Summer Camp in Fremont, NE at no cost.
(It costs $2,000.00 per camper.)

If you’d like to show your support :
Lunch is served 11a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Dinner is served 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Omaha Fire Union Hall
6005 Grover Street
Omaha, NE 68106

*To volunteer- contact Ashton at

We’re talking Resolutions & How to Keep Them at Four Seasons Apartments!!

We know everyone wants to start the new year off with their best foot forward and are likely looking to improve their lives in one way or another in 2020.  With that being said ….I’m sure most everyone has already started working on their goal(s) and we hope that you are making them happen and are proving to be successful.

Whatever you goal(s) is, it’s important that you are traveling down the right path in order to achieve them.  We have come across 5 simple steps that could really help:

1.) Start with small goals

2.) Make it measurable

3.) Be realistic

4.) Make a plan

5.) Stay Positive

If you’d like to learn more about these steps visit the following link:


We’ve also come across some great inspirational quotes that might help you stay motivated:


“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.  It’s as simple as that.”  Earl Nightingale

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things.” Albert Einstein

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” Benjamin Mays

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” Fitzhugh Dodson

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” Stephen King


To find more quotes like these visit:




Holiday brunch party at Four Seasons Apartments!!

Come out and help celebrate the holidays at our annual holiday party at Four Seasons on:
Wednesday, December 18, 2019.
We will be doing brunch and you can stop on by from 8:30a.m. to 3:00p.m.
There will be donuts and bagels set out first thing in the morning so feel free to stop by even if you just need to take it to go.
A little later in the morning around 11:30 – 12:00p.m. there will be pulled pork and roast and you won’t want to miss out on that.

Again feel free to stop by in the morning or later in the afternoon…..or you could hang out and do an all day brunch while socializing with your friends and neighbors.

We’d like to make sure we have enough food for everyone so please just give us a call or shoot us an email and let us know if you’ll be attending.

Four Seasons looks forward to seeing you there.

Rain! Rain! Rain!

It is raining and pouring in the Omaha metro lately! We can all agree that this weather makes it tempting to crack open a new book or watch an entire television series in one sitting- however, if you are wanting some fresh new ideas for raining days, you have come to the right spot! There are many indoor activities in Omaha like the Joslyn Art Museum. You can experience American western, Latin American and American Indian art all under one roof (which happens to protect you from the rain). All AMC theatres offer $5 movie prices on Tuesdays. Catch a film and stay dry all at a reasonable price! The Amazing Pizza Machine is open and can make for an entire day of fun; there are rides, games, prizes and food all in one place. Who can say no to a buffet?

If you do choose to stay in, remember to look out for rain related maintenance issues in your apartment. Leaks are common when lots of rain falls. If you notice a leak after hours, do not hesitate to call our on-call emergency maintenance technician. You can reach this line by dialing 402.393.2210 and following the voicemail prompts. Leaks are classified as a maintenance emergency and our staff would be delighted to help you!


As the weather starts to change and the leaves begin to fall we know Halloween is just right around the corner! Omaha is fortunate to have many pumpkin patches to choose from when it comes time to decorate your balcony or patio this fall. Many of these places have other activities including hay rack rides, corn mazes, petting zoos and more! Local patches include:

-Vala’s Pumpkin Patch at 12102 S 180th St Gretna, NE 68028 open from 9AM-10PM
-Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch at 11001 S 48th St Papillion, NE 68133 open from 9AM-12AM
-Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch at 3935 NE-133 Blair, NE 68008 open from 10AM-10PM
-Wenninghoff Farm at 6707 Wenninghoff Rd, Omaha, NE 68122 open from 9AM-7PM

If you stop by any of these great local businesses to get any pumpkins or fall decorations for your apartment or outdoor living space tag us on Facebook (Four Seasons Apartments) as we would love to see them! We love all the fun and decorations just as much as you.

Summer End is Near!

With summer coming to an end in less than a month, you might want to go out there and enjoy the pool and the outdoors while it is still warm outside! Friendly reminder that the pool closes September 3rd, so take a quick dip while you can!

With Fall coming near, start the season right by living here at Four Seasons! The moment you take the first glance at our beautiful community you will “fall” in love with the beautiful courtyards, our spacious and cozy apartments, and the amazing people that live here that make you feel at home! Keep in mind that we are just seconds away from the interstate and right across the street from Family Fare. The peace and quiet is great and the location is super convenient that you can’t beat it.

Just give us a call at 402-558-9099 if you have any questions and would want to set up a tour! Or come on in and say hello at the leasing office at 5068 Grover Street.  Just a quick reminder it is a 12 month lease to start and to qualify we do:

-Credit check

-Criminal Background check

-Income verification (3x the amount of rent before taxes)

-6 month rental history or 6 month payment history in an account under your name

Take the step to call Four Seasons your home this Fall. We look forward to meeting you!