Are you prepared for the Eclipse near these Omaha Apartments?

There is going to be a major solar eclipse two weeks from today, and if you live in Omaha, you’ll be near a total eclipse. We should experience about 98 to 99% of the full eclipse. It will seem like night time for a bit, and the temps will drop nearly 20 degrees.

Here are a few websites to get all the information;

This website has an interactive map so you can see what it will kind of look like…

Keep in mind, you should NEVER look directly at the sun, UNLESS you are in the areas of TOTAL ECLIPSE. We are not in that area, but we are only about 40 minutes from that (head south to Lincoln or Nebraska City). Also remember that pets are affected by this too, so keep them inside during the event. Lots of people will be out and about during this event, so also keep in mind, traffic may stop at times, or people may stop along the road, etc. This is not advised, but it could happen.

Also remember, this is a VERY rare event. This will likely be the only time this happens in our lifetimes. If you wish to view the eclipse, make sure you get APPROVED glasses, or check out this website for info:

Happy viewing.