A Green Opportunity at Parkwood Manor Apartments

Green trees and green grass are staples of the Parkwood Manor community.  But there is also another green that we have in mind: Recycling.  While Parkwood Manor Apartments does not currently offer a community recycling program, there is an individual program that our residents are able to set up.  It’s called RecyclePal.  With this service, residents pay a monthly fee (billed quarterly) to have their recyclables picked up directly outside their door.  RecyclePal provides a large bag that is able to hold mixed contents and makes their rounds on a weekly basis.  Not sure what to recycle?  No problem.  Printed directly on the bag is a list of the dos and don’ts of recycling. 

RecyclePal is partnered with Recycle Bank to offer you rewards for your recycling.  Each time your bag is picked up, you are awarded points based on the amount of recycled goods.   The website also offers additional ways to earn points.  You are then able to redeem these points online for a variety of coupons and gift cards.

Information is posted on all of the bulletin boards at Parkwood Manor.  Check out their website, www.RecyclePal.us, or call 402.932.9244 for more details.

Happy Recycling!  Go Green!