8 Ways to Prep for SUMMER!!

Is YOUR apartment ready for sweet summertime? With hot months just weeks away, now is a great time to prep your place for summer! Check out these 8 easy ideas to get your apartment and your mind ready to beat the heat!

For your apartment…

  • Finish spring cleaning

I promise you, Spring Cleaning is totally worth it! Take a few hours one afternoon, open your windows to the fresh spring air, turn on some music, and clean everything you’ve been neglecting for the last few months. Yes, this means deep dusting, scrubbing, and shining things you haven’t touched in a year. But, be sure to get this done before the heat hits so you can relax in your squeaky clean apartment.

  • Rotate closet space

As the seasons officially change (and you can put away heavy coats for a while…yay!), try to pack up clothes you won’t wear for a few months. Whether that’s using a closet rotation (i.e. Moving winter clothes to your hall closet and keeping summer clothes in your bedroom) or using packing boxes (clear plastic bins work great!) to stack in the back of your bedroom closet, or low storage boxes to push under your bed, limiting clutter of clothes you won’t even touch will get your wardrobe summer ready.

  • Donate the old

During and after spring cleaning and closet rotations, take the time to donate the items you don’t use or don’t like anymore. Sell them to a thrift store or find a local charity to drop off gently used items. Not only will your space feel de-cluttered for summer, but the extra space can be extremely refreshing.

  • Manage your energy use

Depending on where you live, the heat of the summer can be welcome or brutal! Try to limit your air conditioning use as much as possible in the Spring months, and test it out when the temperature rises. Instead of immediately setting your thermostat to 70 degrees and leaving it, go with what your body feels! If 70 feels chilly (it will!), turn it up a few degrees every couple hours until you’re comfortable. On the flip site, if 75 feels hot, turn the thermostat down a little at a time to find a good temperature for you.

For YOU…

  • Plan vacations & guest visits

Summertime is FANTASTIC because a lot of people plan fun vacations and trips. If it’s in your budget, start making summer vacation plans ASAP to secure good deals on flights or hotels. Also, be sure to offer your place to friends who live out of state! Bringing friends to stay at your apartment is a great, affordable way to have a mini vacation at home!

  • Find summer recipes

Your local fresh food will start to change with spring and summer, bringing in an awesome variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Search for summer-ready recipes and test a few out! When you find something you like, host your local friends, family, or neighbors for a fun dinner party at your apartment (tips here!) to celebrate the beautiful weather.

  • Utilize your outdoors

Whether your apartment includes a small porch, pool, walking trails or whether you’re in the middle of a concrete jungle, use summertime to spend time outside! Explore a new area of town, take a walk, or simply lay by the pool to get a little sun. These months are fleeting, so be sure to truly enjoy the warm weather before the cold hits again!